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Reccomended Supplier!

Are you a wedding venue? Do you host weddings? We would love to work with you! We are Mobile Photo Booth UK. We hire photo booths, magic mirrors and a range of different services to weddings, parties and events all around the UK.

How Our Referral System Works

Reccomended Supplier

Your venue agrees to reccomend us as a preferred supplier. We would love it if you could backlink to us! We’re able to provide all of the content such as product/serivce descriptions and images. If you need this please let us know.

Set Up

We set you up at our end with your own unique link to share to your customers. We can set you up as a single venue or we are able to set you up per employee. Set up takes minutes so you are able to start earning straight away!

Share Link

Once you have been all set up you’re ready to go! Your personal link can be shared with your clients and customers when reccomending our services. You can also embed our booking calendar into your website for seamless way to earn a commission.

Track Commision

If the client books through your link, you’ll earn a comission! Everyone is a winner! You’ll have access to your own portal where you’ll be able to see how many clicks your link has received, how much comission is due and much more.

How Is Commission Tracked?


Venues or venue staff share their own indiviual link for potential customers to make a booking on our website. Once the customer lands on our booking page, the link triggers a session to be set in their browser. This session lasts for 1 year on the user’s browser so if they don’t book straight away, the venue link can still be tracked as long as the following conditions are met:


  • The customer books within a year on that device.
  • The customer doesn’t clear their cache on that device.
  • The customer doesn’t book via a new venue link (newer venue links will replace any previous tracked venue links).

White Label? Sure!

What is white labelling? White labelling is when a service provided by one comapny is re-branded to appear as if they provide it. Essentially, we are more than happy to white label for your venue. The whole experience can be branded so the end user/customer still thinks that the venue is providing the service.


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