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Hiring a photo booth has almost become a necessity when planning your wedding. Therefore, we are providing you with a list consisting of the 10 vital questions to ask when hiring a wedding photo booth hire company in Somerset

Accompanying the pure entertainment value, one of the highlights of photo boothhire for weddings is spending time looking back through a guest book full with photos and messages from friends and family after the event. This combined with all of your guests returning home with handfuls of photo booth prints makes a compelling addition to any wedding.

In a recent survey brides and grooms stated that hiring a photo booth was one of the most impactful and important aspects of their celebration.

Things to ask your photo booth or magic mirror hire company before booking them:

1.How long has the photo booth hire company been running?

This may seem an obvious question but it is also a very important one. Once you are satisfied with their answer, it may be a good idea to ask them how many events (roughly) they have completed. Do you really want someone learning on the job at one of the most important occasions of your life? We wouldn’t and you shouldn’t either.

If they are only attending a handful of events a year then this should set the alarm bells ringing. Low numbers of events should send warning signals as it either means that they are not serious about their business (possibly running it part time) or there is something wrong within their business model. It could be that they just haven’t nailed their marketing, but the more events a supplier does or has done the better equipped they are at understanding how to deliver excellence for your celebrations.

2.Can we see your last 10 wedding reviews?

10 Reviews is a good number to ask for. Check the dates of these and also the source. You want a supplier that is providing you with recent testimonials and doing it in a transparent way. Facebook is fantastic at collecting testimonials for business pages as well as Trustpilot. Also do a Google search online by typing the business name followed by the word “review”. It’s surprising what comes up. Finding a less than positive review doesn’t need to stop you in your tracks as sometimes the unavoidable happens, but check on the details of what happened and how the business looked after the less than satisfied customer.

3.How many people work in your business?

So many times we hear stories of accidents that have occurred to a supplier and they haven’t been able to deliver their service resulting in them trying to palm off the event to another local supplier (who you may not have wanted to use). Therefore, we do suggest that you check how many staff the business has as if there is an issue they should be able to find a replacement team member to work the event.

4.What happens if there is an issue with your event?

Make sure that the supplier that you book with have an established team so that if anything is to go wrong you’re not the one left high and dry. It’s not all about staff numbers but about the processes and procedures that are in place for the unexpected. You want someone that has tried and tested contingency plans. It may also be a good idea to ask them if they carry spare equipment. Most reputable photo booth or magic mirror hire companies carry spares of most electronics and cables. For example, what happens if their camera goes wrong half way through your hire?

5.What are your wedding photo booth hire prices?

When asking about pricing you definitely want transparency from your supplier. If they are asking for more information before providing a quote then that’s normal. However, be cautious if their pricing strategy is wildly erratic or well below the industry norm. Within the events industry deposits prior to the event to secure the booking is commonplace.

Pricing can vary depending on location, length of hire and the type of photo booth that you are interseted in. For example, newer technology or experiences normally demand a higher rental cost.

6.Have they worked at your wedding venue before?

If the business that you are looking to hire have previously been to the venue that you are getting married at then this is a bonus. One, you may be able to speak to the previous couple that got married there but you can assume that the wedding planner from the venue will have worked with them before. Suppliers that are recommended by the venue are usually very professional and reliable but it is always best to do your research to make sure that they are also the right fit for you as a couple. They may also be able to show you some pictures or videos of their set up at your venue.

7.What insurance certificates do you hold?

It’s best to make sure that the photo booth hire equipment is tested and insured as it will give you that extra piece of mind and your venue may not also let them on the premises if they don’t have public liability insurance or their electronic equipment isn’t PAT tested. Most venues have a minimum requirement of £5 million PLI cover from their suppliers. To give our customers and venues that extra piece of mind Mobile Photo Booth’s cover is for £10 million and all of our equipment is PAT tested once a year.

8.Can you show me any images or video of your previous wedding work?

Get them to send some of their latest work does it tie up with the work that they say they are capable of providing. Does it demonstrate their attention to detail and is it a true representation of the service they described? Also check that all of the images they show you are theirs. A lot of photo booth manufacturers provide some marketing images to their customers to help them get started. Although they have the booth make sure they are capable of providing the same output as they are advertising. Even worse, they may have stolen the image from another supplier.

Take a look at their socials

If they are busy and creating great work,then they will be posting this on their Facebook page or Instagram. Some business owners also post some “behind the scenes” content which is a great way to see a small glimpse of how the business runs and if it ties up with what you have been told so far.

If there is little content or random posts then you may want to dig a little deeper.

9. Can we see your photo booth equipment?

Many photo booth hire companies will either have a showroom or unit where they may be able to show you their photo booth set up. Alternatively, they may be exhibiting at future wedding fayres where you will be able to meet the staff and also see their booths along with the output of their images.

10. What availabilty do you have?

Make sure they have availaibilty for your big day. It may be a good idea to see if they have any other weddings or events on that day to make sure that they give all of their full attention.

Although you are asking of they have availability, don’t feel pressurised into making the booking there and then. Do your research and make sure that the photo booth company is the best fit for you and your wedding day.

Take a look at these wedding stats

  • 71% of people getting married worry about having to cancel their wedding
  • 52% of people worry about problems with their supplier or venue
  • The average cost of a wedding in the UK has now hit £30,000
  • Couples, on average, take up to 10 years to pay for their wedding day
  • There are approximately 247,000 weddings a year
  • Supplier difficulties are considered one of the main reasons for stress resulting in financial challenges, relationship and health problems.

Horror stories within the photo booth industry:

In the UK there are approximately 500 – 600 active photo booth hire businesses of which a vast majority are owner/operator businesses. Meaning that many of them are run and delivered by one individual.

Unfortunately, in the last two years there have been two high profile Photo Booth Scandals:

Photobomb UK

The owner of this photo booth hire company received thousand of pounds in deposits but only delivered a handful of events. In the hope of growing the business they found themselves agreeing to deliver an enormous amount of events without the resources or ability to deliver. Resulting in hundreds of brides without a photo booth for their celebrations. Here at Mobile Photo Booth UK we had many disappointed and desperate couples trying to find last minute photo booth hire because they had been let down by Photobomb UK.

Bake a Cake

Low prices and “too good to be true” offers meant that hundreds of brides who booked with Bake a Cake were left without a photo booth and other services for their wedding day. Using facebook advertising they offered incredibly low prices resulting in many couples handing over deposits or balances that were never returned. See full story here.

Wedding industry scam






Not the way to start married life!

What you should look for when hiring a photo booth for your wedding?


Here are some key points that you should keep in mind:

  • They have been delivering photo booth hire services for many years. You deserve a company who has demonstrated they are able to consistently able to deliver excellence no matter what. This also applied to the photo booth attendants as well as the company itself.
  • Check their work. Take a look at their website, Facebook page and/or Instagram and don’t be afraid to ask for recent work and testimonials.
  • Many weddings are booked between 12-18 months in advance. Be aware that suppliers with less than 3 years experience will be unlikely to have delivered a significant number of events to ensure they have the experience you deserve for your celebrations.
  • If the price sounds too good to be true it usually is. A company offering a similar service for a far lower price should be avoided.
  • Check the details of the package offered. Ensure there are no hidden costs such as travel costs and restrictions such as only 1 print per session.
  • Ensure the photo booth company has systems, checks, and processes to be sure you receive a perfectly delivered photo booth service that you and your loved ones can enjoy.  This system should ensure you receive your photo booth exactly at the time you requested it.

When hiring a photo booth with Mobile Photo Booth UK you’ll go through the following check points to ensure you receive our best service.  

Checkpoint 1

  • Select And Agree Package
  • Complete booking through one of our friendly staff or via our booking page on our website
  • Complete payment of the deposit
  • Receive confirmation email/text with a link to your booking portal
  • Once you have access to your booking portal you will be able to see all the details regarding your photo booth hire. You will also be able to sign your contract, select a template for your booking as well as access our PLI (public liability insurance) certificate as well as our PAT certificate for your selected booth. You can also pay in instalments towards your photobooth hire via your portal
  • Introduction made to your photo booth team member who will be looking after you from now through to the day of your event

Checkpoint 2

  • 22 Days before your event your photo booth team will contact you to check in and make sure everything is in place for your wedding day.
  • We will also remind you if you have a remaining balance as this will be due.

Checkpoint 3

  • 15 days before your event your team will liaise with the venue to ensure they have everything required such as PAT test certificates and the photo booth company insurance documents
  • Confirmation that your venue has been contacted and re-confirmation of all booking details.
  • We confirm with you via telephone all of your timings and requirements to make sure everything is perfect. We also use this phone call to confirm the artwork for your event

Checkpoint 4

  • 90 mins before the hire time starts the photo booth team arrive to set up and prepare for the event
  • Photo booth service is delivered to friends and family

Checkpoint 5

  • 48 Hours after the event you receive an email confirming all the images from the photo booth hire are now available on the online gallery
  • Relax and enjoy looking through your very full guest book of messages and images

Why choose Mobile Photo Booth UK for your wedding photo booth hire?

Group pose for photo booth print

Founded in 2015, we are passionate about delivering excellence with the most innovative and advanced photo booth solutions availabel in the UK and Europe. We have delivered hundreds of photo booths and magic mirrors to events around the UK and our friendly and professional staff are always on hand. Not only are our prices transparent, our packages are also all inclusive. 

We hope that this blog post has been very usefeul and helped you with your wedding planning. If you would like to check availability for your big day click here


Why have a photo booth at a wedding?

A photo booth is fun for guests of all ages, and it’ll give your attendees something to do when they need a break from the dance floor. Plus, photo booths can be a great ice breaker for guests who haven’t seen each other in a while or who don’t know a lot of people at your wedding.

How much does wedding photo booth hire cost?

There are lots of different items that you can hire for your wedding, with photo booths being among the most popular and well-known. Photo booths and magic mirrors provide a fun non-dancing activity for you and your guests—and the photos can double as favors as well! Prices can vary from £250 at the lower end to around £750 at the premium end. On average, UK couples spend around £450 for a three hour hire.

What are some tips for having a photo booth at my wedding?

Figure out set up and break down: Talk to your photo booth company about how long they’ll need to both set up and break down the photo booth. You’ll want to ensure that they have access to your venue for as long as they’ll need to make sure that everything is working properly.
Hire an attendant: If possible, there should be an attendant on hand to ensure that the photo booth is working properly and manage crowd control (things might get a little rowdy after a few drinks!). Some photo booths are pretty self-sufficient and don’t require an extra hand, but talk to your photo booth company to see if having a booth attendant at your wedding is needed.
Choose the right location: Scout your venue in advance and choose an appropriate location for your photo booth. There will likely need to be a power source and enough room for the booth itself and for guests to line up comfortably. Usually, photo booths are stationed just outside your main event space to provide a bit of distance between the booth and the music. If this is the case, be sure to provide signage so that guests know where the booth is located. However, if your reception room is large enough, you may choose to put your photo booth in your main event space. Talk to your venue coordinator to find out what other couples have done in the past.
Time it right: Your photo booth should be available during your cocktail hour and throughout most of your reception. However, you may choose to “close” your photo booth during important moments during the evening, like the first dance and the toasts, so that all of your guests will be present during these times. Talk to your photo booth company and attendant to see if closing your photo booth would be appropriate during certain points of the reception.
Don’t miss out: Yes, we know you’ll be pretty busy during your wedding reception—dancing, mingling with guests, trying to scarf down some food, etc.—but try to steal away for a few moments to take some cute shots with your new spouse in the photo booth. Not only does this totally count as taking some alone time during your big day, you’ll have the cute snaps as a memory.

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