The Photo Mosaic Wall encourages your customers or guests to interact with your brand or event. By sharing, or capturing photo booth images which can then be combined to create your mosaic wall.

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Photo Mosaic Wall – We’re All In This Together!

The Live Mosaic Wall makes everyone at the event feel like once you look at the big picture, we’re all in it together. From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed.

How It Works


The photos are automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photographer’s camera and more


The photo mosaic wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic wall.


Gradually throughout the event your mosaic wall is unveiled. The end result: a beautiful mosaic of photos from your event.

Where Are The Photo Mosaic Images From?

Photo Booths: Our photo booths and magic mirrors can seamlessly send the photos taken throughout your event to the mosaic. If you are holding a virtual or hybrid event then images can also be pulled from our Virtual Photo Booths.

Social Media: By using and event hashtag we can print any images to Twitter or Instagram that have been tagged with your event hashtag.

Event Photographer: There are two methods when working with your event photgrapher – a) with a wireless SDI card, your event photographer can continuosly share the photos taken at the event and add those to the mosaic wall, or b) have a photographer build up a stock of images throughout the first part of your event and then load them up at a specific moment.


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Corporate Photo Mosaic Wall Hire

The centrepiece of any event, the full mosaic wall immediatly attracts your guest’s attention.

Using the wall, consumers can engage and create with your brand at the event, and everyone can watch their interaction.

The bigger the tech the more people are likely to engage with the photo capture and your brand – and it doesn’t get much bigger than this!

corporate photo mosaic hire
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Wedding Photo Mosaic Hire

A keepsake for years to come. The Photo Mosaic Wall is the perfect entertainment for your guests. Images are printed and guests are able to stick their photo to your wedding mosaic.

Wedding Photo Mosaic Wall Hire

Where Does The Photo Mosaic Fit In?

Conferences: The Mosaic Wall brings your delegates together to create a mosaic of your comapny logo or event slogan ect. Ideal to position in the area used for tea and coffee or areas with high footfall to create engagement and a buzz around the event.

Exhibition stands: The wall is a real talking point at exhibitions, it’s a fantastic way to engage with visitors. It can also be used as an incentive to drive your social media channels, as people can upload selfies using a hashtag, that will then be used on the mosaic wall.

Weddings: Weddings are a special moment that should be treasured for a lifetime. The mosaic is great for capturing memorable moments and transforming them into a stunning mosaic image of the bride and groom. Not only will it be remmebered forever, but it is completely unique amnd adds a loving touch to every wedding. The newlyweds also have a beautiful mosaic to hang on their wall made up with photos of everyone who attended their wedding.

Product launches: Create a social media buzz around your new product launch. Guests at the launch are invited to post pictures of themselves with your new product to social media. These photos are then printed and used to stick on to the mosaic wall.

Post event: Have you already hosted and event but not hired our Photo Mosaic Wall? With our post event service, you can send us your event images and we can create either a digital or printed mosaic for you.

Virtual & hybrid events: With the events currently feeling the effects of COVID-19 many confrences and exhibitions have moved their offering online by hosting either virtual or hybrid events. We are able to live stream (in real time) a virtual mosaic to either a webpage or via Facebook Live. This means that you can engage customers globally.


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