Many people have heard about a photo booth at a wedding. However, there are some great and fascinating new trends emerging in the photo booth industry which may even suprise you. Basic pictures are only a starting point now when it comes to hiring a photo booth. Whether you are a bride to be or a party planner, check out five of the most hottest trends for 2020 weddings.

Projection Booths:

Inspired by last year’s Met Gala Runway, projectors in photo booths are turning pictures into art installations with motion graphics. Light projection makes objects appear to be morphing and changing positions around them. Projection screens are a great way to create a dynamic photo experience that matches the look and feel of your wedding.

Boomerang GIFs:

Boomerangs take a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. Inspired by Instagram’s Boomerang feature, you can instantly share your GIFs through to social media and print individual frames. Boomerangs are great for sharing and very on-trend!

Animated Overlay:

Animated overlays spice up a static photo with extra fun. Animated GIFs means the photo and the overlay or frame are animated within a sequence of images.

Green Screen Props:

Guests always love posing for static photos – and adding a digital green screen background is an excellent way to add an extra  element of fun to any event. Unfortunately, green screens can sometimes take up a lot of space meaming they may not be suitable for your wedding venue. Green screen props act in the same manner as a traditional green screen, as the props allow the application of images and designs digitally, meaning you can insert patterns, designs or colours in your photos 7 GIFs.

Glamor Filter:

These unique filters produce a vintage, distinguished look that flatters everyone, and are the latest thing to take the world of photo booths by storm. The output is a high end, classic photo that will have you and your guests looking better than ever before. From unique lighting sources to the revolutionary ability to retouch photos on the fly, glamour filters can reduce wrinkles, soften skin complexion and even thicken hair – everything you need to look like a celebrity!

Now that you know how to take your, or your client’s, wedding from good to great, check out our photo booth products and event services at Mobile Photo Booth UK

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