Virtual Photo Booth for Theirworld

Due to the pandemic, many brands have been forced to change their in-person events to virtual events. Back in September, we were approached to create a virtual photo booth for Theirworld‘s #UnlockBigChange Virtual Summit. The global charity are committed to ending the global education crisis and unleashing the potential of the next generation.


To create a virtual photo opportunity for attendees from accross the world. They will be encouraged to use the photo platform to take a selfie on their phones and upload it to social media (to let people know they were at the virtual event, and just shout about the charity).


We set to work to develop a branded virtual photo booth which was not only unique but also as user friendly as possible. The solution that we developed could be accessed from any device as long as the device had an interet connection & an internet browser (no apps to download). The virtual booth that we developed allowed users to capture or upload a photo from their device. Once the image had been captured and the user was happy with their image we used AI to replace the background of the image to match the charity’s branding. Once the background had been removed a branded overlay would be placed onto the image re-inforcing the brand’s message/event.

Users we then promted to email the image and also share their image to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Virtual Photo Booth for Theirworld virtual event


We also provided Theirworld with live analytics from the event. Images shared from the virtual booth had an estimated reach of 29,218 with 92,640 impressions in a 24 hour period.

Virtual Photo Booth Analytics for Theirworld virtual event

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Virtual Photo Booth FAQ

What is a virtual photo booth?

A virtual photo booth is an event and marketing solution that allows brands to engage and connect with the people they want to reach. Our online photo booth works without an app, can be branded and customised to fit any need, and can integrate with many of the leading virtual event platforms suchas Hopin.

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